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Lesson 3: MVC

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Appendix i: Setup

Appendix ii: Shell

Appendix iii: TDD

Django Tutorial Setup

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This article is an appendix to the other tutorial exercises on the site.


Follow these steps to clone my repository from github and make the tutorial setup on your computer. Replace branch “exerciseX” with your current exercise branch.

mkdir -p DjangoTutorial/{static,virtualenv,source,database,media}

virtualenv --python=python3 DjangoTutorial/virtualenv/

git clone --branch exerciseX --single-branch DjangoTutorial/source

cd DjangoTutorial/source

touch MyTutorial/



import os

from MyTutorial.settings import BASE_DIR


SECRET_KEY = 'rf@7y-$2a41o+4&z$ki0&=z)(ao=@+$fseu1f3*f=25b6xtnx$'


DEBUG = True




    'default': {

        'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.sqlite3',

        'NAME': os.path.join(BASE_DIR,'..','database','db.sqlite3'),



*** end of MyTutorial/ ***

git branch -m exerciseX master

source ../virtualenv/bin/activate

pip install django==1.10



You are ready to start development.

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