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Lesson 3: MVC

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Lesson 5: Models

Appendix i: Setup

Appendix ii: Shell

Appendix iii: TDD

Virtual Mentor John Sonmez





We as programmers have a unique mix of capabilities in this life. While our mind is a real power-house on the inside, there is very little someone can grasp on the outside. Also we are perfectionists in our communication, we don't want to write/speak about things we don't fully understand. Add to the mix of highly specialized knowledge and outlook on life and you got someone who is extremely independent in his thinking and way of conduct and values social life somewhat less.


The problem arises that a lot of times we cannot even help or communicate with the likes of us. And even though we are warriors, lack of insight to the direction ahead is a big pain. So in our case voicing your opinion and expressing yourself needs courage and practice. It's unnatural.


Luckily, there are the greatest and strongest in our ranks, who has the courage to put themselves on display to do the right thing. These people are our sources of inspiration. One of them is John Sonmez at


I found his youtube channel a while back and was impressed by the matured, clean insights he has on the life of programmers. Maybe his success stems from his manifesto: “Making the complex simple.”. We, as programmers have very broad and complex understanding on any issue, and it is difficult to convey that message to someone else to understand. That doesn't apply to John. He communicates clearly and concisely, examining only the important part and leave out the noise.


When you have any questions on how to live with your unique strengths and weaknesses, his advices are one of a kind. He focuses mostly on the issue of marketing yourself as a software developer, which is I personally think is single most important challenge a developer is facing today. We are dedicated, we are smart, we are capable of anything, yet the world doesn't know or want to believe. Marketing our skills is the biggest bottleneck between us and our deserved success.


He holds that one of the most important tool in your arsenal is your blog. Luckily, he made a free e-mail course just about that. You can sign up at He probably saved me hundreds of working ours, with his instructions. I recommend it wholeheartedly.


Let me know in the comment section what you think.


Until next time.


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